Any Ventura resident and resident from the surrounding areas charged with a crime by law enforcement needs to know that the criminal defense attorney they choose will defend and represent that resident every step of the way.

Knowing that you have an experienced attorney by your side who isn’t afraid to present a tireless, vigorous defense can help curb even the most serious of anxiety in the face of the criminal accusations against you.

I Robert M. Helfend, am that attorney, and I will fight fearlessly in the face of the charges against you, while representing you every step of the way whether you are facing state or federal charges.

I have been helping the residents of Ventura and the surrounding areas for almost three decades now. I help to fight the charges against them, while also helping to repair lives and futures. There is nothing that I am not willing to defend, no charge or accusation that can scare me away because everyone deserves representation no matter how big the case or serious the charges against you.

From minor infractions and misdemeanors to multiple felony charges, I am not afraid to fight for your rights as a U.S. and California citizen, and I am not afraid to fight a vigorous and challenge the evidence, no matter what it is.

Practicing criminal defense law exclusively since 1984 means I have almost 3 decades of experience, and I have dedicated those almost 30 years to helping clients overcome almost insurmountable odds and criminal charges that appear to leave them in hopeless situations.

Because I know that the legal and justice systems can be quite unfair at times, I understand the system flaws, and how they could results in wrongful convictions and sentencing that does not fit the alleged crime.

Attorney Education and Experience

I studied for my Bachelor of Art degree from the University of California at Berkley and when I graduated, I proceeded straight to the law school of Pepperdine University School of Law, which I completed in 1983. After receiving my extensive education in law, I decided to enter the criminal law field, and defend private clients aggressively, and I have done so ever since.

My aggressive defense standards and fearless legal maneuvering have helped build my reputation for honesty and integrity, and as an attorney who will fearlessly fight any charge.

When you hire my firm, you are hiring me and you can trust that I use every possible strategy to provide you with the best possible defense. You can also trust that I will personally meet with you to review your case in confidence, and that I will never pass off your case to anyone else for any reason.

You hired me, so you get me every step of the way from the minute you call me until the moment the case is over and we have reached a settlement, you will receive personalized service and the best criminal defense legally possible.

Fighting for My Clients’ Rights

If you are convicted of the crime Ventura law enforcement has charged you with, it will change your life forever, no matter what the charge was. No doubt that you are thinking of this fact when you call my offices for a consultation. However, you should keep in mind that just because you are charged with a crime does not mean that you are guilty of a crime. There are a number of ways to clear your name of the charges, to get the charges dropped, dismissed, or lessened drastically.

While there is no way for any attorney to guarantee a specific outcome in any case and there is no way to know which way a case will fall until the verdict comes in. However, I can personally guarantee that I will dedicate my attentions to an aggressive defense strategy, with which I will vigorously fight for your rights under California law and tirelessly defend you against the charges to secure the most favorable outcome possible under the circumstances and the law.

A look at my case histories can show you how dedicated an attorney I am, and to prove to you how hard I will fight, not to mention that I have achieved successful verdicts and case resolutions repeatedly over the last almost three decades.

The specific circumstances of the charges against you are unique to you and only you, but many of my previous clients have been through exactly what you are going through now, and have experienced the same charges that you now face – and I have been a crucial part of the defense in many of these previous cases. With more than 25 years of vast criminal defense experience, I have been present to defend close to 70 trials, many of which achieved a favorable outcome with a high percentage of outright wins.

I understand how much anxiety facing charges can cause, and even tough this is not an easy time in your life; it can be made easier to handle by securing the help and services of an experienced criminal defense attorney like me.

Dedicated to making the lives of my clients easier to manage while facing charges, I provide answers, dedication, and professionalism while preparing a criminal defense strategy using cutting edge science and innovative defense tactics with my success record of making it work together for a positive outcome.

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While you might feel anxious about contacting an attorney about the charges you face as a resident of Ventura or Southern California, please understand that the sooner you do, the sooner we can start reviewing your case, building your defense, and working towards a positive outcome.

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