Did Ventura law enforcement arrest you for alleged criminal child pornography? California State defines child pornography:

The sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor, which is someone under the age of 18.

If the court convicts you of child pornography, sentencing could include harsh punishments including fines, excessive jail time, and worse – you’ll be required to register with the sex offender registry, which is a publicly available list.

The stigma of a child pornography conviction follows you for the rest of your life.

If you are facing child pornography charges and live in the Ventura area, you need a Ventura child pornography attorney not afraid to aggressively maintain your innocence and vigorously defend your rights – and that aggressive attorney is me.

Unlike other attorneys, most of whom would rather not touch a case of this nature, I’ve never given up and have 25 plus years of experience defending clients from criminal child pornography, sex offense, and related charges. I work tirelessly to defend your rights while vigorously defending you at the state or federal levels.

What happens if convicted?

“Robert really came to my rescue! I found myself under false accusations and he really came through. I was really freaking out, and Robert was able to make me feel like I was in good hands. I can’t recommend his services enough.”Drew, CA

If the court convicts on child pornography charges, the social consequences vary with each individual case, though the consequences are generally similar in nature.

Hash to the extreme, they include everything from your neighbors ostracizing you, a ruined marriage and ruined friendships to loss of employment and even threats of bodily harm or retaliation against you – and this is just the beginning.

If convicted, sentencing could consist of prison time, fines, and more.

As for the charges, the prosecutor could charge a defendant with a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the severity of the case. Often, prosecutors pile on the charges based on how many photos, videos, and other child pornography items allegedly found – adding one per item until the counts are so many that it seems almost impossible to defend. If the prosecutor decides to hand the case to a federal court, then the result is even worse.

What are Child Pornography Charges?

The U.S. legal code says pornography consists of someone involved with the distribution, possession, production, promoting, making, or the selling of photographs, videos, digital or drawn representations or other material that is sexual in nature, or otherwise promotes sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor. This applies to sexting to or of a minor and anyone who employs minors as child pornography subjects.

If a prosecutor can prove that the defendant knew the person was a minor, or that the defendant knew he or she was involved in child pornography, the defendant will face charges.

If you are facing child pornography charges at the state or federal level, there are at least seven ways I can try to defend you. They include determining

  • Whether police obtained evidence lawfully – illegal search and seizure
  • Whether someone encouraged you to participate in the crime – entrapment
  • Whether spam accidentally caused the crime – innocent
  • Whether you handled films from the Motion Picture Association of America that are exempt
  • Whether the people in the film or photos were actually minors, or if you didn’t know
  • Whether someone is framing you – false accusations

Lastly, if you have an illness or are addicted to the pornographic material, you may be able to get treatment instead of jail time. No matter the charges, I will review your case and determine the best way to defend you and your rights.

Let the Law Office of Robert Helfend help you!

Whether you are facing state or federal child pornography charges, the defense process is a difficult one, but you do not have to face it alone.

Contact Robert Michael Helfend to learn how you can take advantage of my extensive case experience. Let me review the charges against you and see how I can put my practically limitless resources to work and find the best way to build a defense that is aggressively compelling and ferociously fights for your rights.

Remember, you are innocent until proven otherwise!