Were you arrested, and are now facing criminal charges against you? If you answered “Yes,” then you have stepped into the unforgiving California legal system and the problems that come with the system.

The sooner you get in touch with a skilled Ventura criminal defense attorney, the sooner that attorney can navigate the system and work with you to fight tirelessly for your rights as granted by the Constitution, and craft an aggressive defense against the charges.

When you seek the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney who will present an energetic, sophisticated defense and guide you down the long legal road that is California criminal law, you will learn about the legal options you have at your disposal to make the right decisions for your situation.

An accomplished and aggressive criminal defense lawyer providing services in Ventura and in all of Southern California, I effectively counsel my clients’ on their legal rights while vigorously defending against the federal and state criminal charges they may face.

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Because an educated client is a protected client, you should review the information below to learn about the type of law I practice, and then request a confidential case review by contacting my Ventura office online. Come see firsthand how I will pursue a vigorous criminal defense on your behalf and passionately protect your legal rights.

Breaking and Entering, Burglary

Law enforcement can file criminal breaking and entering or burglary charges for entering a home without permission of the owner, and with the intent to steal. Police can press misdemeanor or felony charges, but a felony conviction will result in one of three allowed strikes on your record.

Child Pornography

Child pornography charges can include anything concerning the distribution, possession, production, promoting, making, and/or the sale of photographs, videos, digital and/or drawn representations that are sexual in nature or otherwise promotes sexual abuse of a minor, as defined by U.S. legal code.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence charges can result from a variety of actions you allegedly took against someone with which you have had any kind of relationship and with the intent to manipulate them or display power over them including economic, emotional, physical, psychological or sexual actions. Domestic Violence convictions could result in a jail sentence, probation, restraining order, or other penalties.

Drug Crimes

State and federal law enforcement file misdemeanor or felony criminal drug charges for the distribution, possession, manufacturing, and trafficking of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia for all drug types including cocaine, crack-cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription painkillers, hallucinogens, and other illicit substances.

Embezzlement Charges

Law enforcement can charge someone with petty embezzlement or grand theft embezzlement depending on the circumstances if that someone intended to defraud another person or company from their money knowingly. Embezzlement is the so called “white collar crime” and the person charged often has no knowledge of the crime, or of what he or she did to be charged with the crime.

Charged with Federal Crimes

When federal prosecutors charge a citizen with crimes against the federal government, they can be relentless. If they convict a citizen of the charges, the penalties are just as harsh as the charges and their pursuit.

Fraud Charges

Fraud comes in many forms, and if you have been accused of fraud, from misdemeanors to felonies, fraud charges can include financial fraud, computer and internet fraud, and securities fraud, among others. Fraud charges can lead to other charges as well.

Grand Theft Charges

Grand Theft charges consist of being accused of stealing anything that its rightful owner has valued at or above $400, and can include everything from computers, jewelry and even clothing to artwork, cars and more.

Identity Theft Charges

Identity theft charges tend to arise as the result of law enforcement accusing you of other crimes, such as Internet fraud or securities fraud.

Insider Trading Charges

If you have been accused of insider trading, you could be facing federal charges and charges from the Securities Exchange Commission. Because both crimes are serious, you need an attorney who has experience fighting charges on every level.

Charges of Internet Crimes

If Ventura Law enforcement has charged you with a crime involving then Internet, then you are probably facing hacking, Trojan attack or even identity theft accusations. To fight these charges, you will need an aggressive attorney who understands the in depth nature of the alleged Internet crime and who will fight tirelessly to defend your freedom.

Medical Marijuana Charges

If you have a prescription for medical marijuana in Ventura, but law enforcement charged you with medical marijuana crimes, you need to understand that you have done absolutely nothing wrong in the eyes of California law. Instead of sacrificing your freedom, hire an experienced attorney who knows and understands California law, and will fight for your freedom to use medical marijuana.

Murder Charges

If you’ve been accused of and arrested for homicide or manslaughter charges, you should know how serious these charges are and defend them to the best of your ability. You need a lawyer who will not only fight the charges against you, but one who will vigorously defend you and your rights to af fair trial, and

Armed Robbery or Robbery Charges

If law enforcement arrests you and the court finds you guilty of robbery – an attempt at forcibly taking or actual taking of someone’s possessions without permission, or by using any form of intimidation – you could face a lifetime in prison because robbery is a felony offense.

Search and Seizure Issues

Search and seizure, legal or otherwise, means that law enforcement has entered, searched, and likely taken belongings from your home, place of business or other area owned or rented by you. If this is the case, the court must have issued a search warrant and if the court did not, then the officers are facing an unlawful search and seizure, and you can take them to court.

Sex Crime Charges

Charges for sex crimes can result from multiple actions such as alleged rape, statutory rape, abuse, molestation, and other crimes. If the courts find you guilty of sex crime charges in Ventura, you will be required to register as a sex offender, pay fines, and spend time in jail.

Three Strikes Law

California law requires that anyone convicted of a third felony must receive a mandatory life time sentence without parole, and usually without an appeal.

Ventura Criminal Defense

The quality and experience of your attorney can greatly determine the outcome of any charges you may be facing in Ventura, whether on the state or federal level. Whether the task is to challenge the evidence against you, reduce your possible sentence, or prove your innocence altogether, you need the best representation you can get. I can provide you with 25 plus years of experience and quality representation, and you can trust that I will vigorously defend your innocence, your freedom and your future.

National Federal Crime Defense

Because federal crime charges are of such a serious nature, you need a serious lawyer to stand by your side; one who isn’t afraid to challenge the prosecution and the evidence against you as relentlessly as the prosecution will pursue you.

National Child Pornography Charges

Child pornography charges are extremely serious, and result in federal charges, which often result in a string of other charges as well and if convicted, all the charges can result in felonies, lifetime prison sentences and mandatory sex offender registration.

Child pornography charges can include anything having to do with the advertising, distribution, making, promotion, or otherwise having an association with material of a sexual nature, or appears to be of a sexual nature concerning a minor or someone who appears to be a minor.

Because the situation and circumstances behind every case is different, different penalties, charges, fines, and sentencing may be enforced, as well as other potential charges. Often, the result will depend on the criminal record – or lack thereof – of the defendant.

To face these charges, you need a criminal defense attorney who can represent you and your rights while pursuing your freedom aggressively. With my more than 25 years of experience as an attorney, I will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

A Criminal Defense Attorney for Any Charges

If you are facing criminal charges in Ventura and the rest of Southern California, or you know someone who is facing charges, you need to understand the seriousness of the charges, and the potential outcome if you do not have adequate representation. You should contact a skilled attorney immediately to go over your case, and talk with you about how to best defend the charges against you.

As an aggressive attorney who isn’t afraid to challenge the prosecutors at the state and federal levels, I will stand at your side and work with you to begin building a case on your behalf while ensuring your rights are not trampled, and that you get to experience the best possible outcome.

I have a reputation as a successful trial attorney, and a litigation record that speaks for itself. Do not risk your freedom or your future. Contact my office today, and you can be assured of the best chance at vigorous representation tomorrow.