If you’ve been arrested for a federal crime, you are facing aggressive charges and an unforgiving federal court filed by federal prosecutors who are experienced in combative evidence gather tactics. These charges require a defense strategy that is just as unforgiving in its vigorous defense of your rights and your freedoms under California and U.S. law.

Because you probably had no idea that the FBI and federal prosecutors were investigating you, it is highly likely that they have gathered solid evidence against you for crimes that you may not have been aware that you were committing, which doesn’t leave much in the way of a credible defense, does it?

If the FBI has arrested you, you will need to mount an aggressive and fearless defense, which will require the services of a Ventura federal criminal defense lawyer who can navigate the federal criminal system just as easily as the FBI can.

That aggressive attorney is me, Robert M. Helfend, and I am here to tell you that I will gladly put my 40 plus years of experience and all my resources to work by launching my own investigation into the charges against you, the evidence collected, and the methods by which the FBI and federal prosecutors collected said evidence.

Evidence gathered against you could include:

  • Banking records
  • Computer activity records
  • Wiretapping
  • Confidential informant statements

Oftentimes, because federal prosecutors have such a head start on the case, they will request that the court schedule the trial within 90 days of your arrest. This can present logistical problems trying to defend your case, and potentially violate some of your rights as a U.S. citizen.

This is why an attorney who defends a federal case must understand the difference between a speedy trial and violation of due process, or the difference between legal surveillance, or a violation of your fourth amendment rights to privacy, and other similar differences.

I am Robert M. Helfend, and I am that attorney who knows the differences between rights violations and due process, and my law firm has the criminal defense experience to fight federal charges in any federal district court nationwide.

I offer a successful record of 40 plus years of criminal defense experience fighting on both the state and federal levels. I will determine if the FBI has trampled any of your rights by surveilling you without cause, or by violating your privacy, I will fight the case by challenging the evidence and collection methods used by filing motions to suppress evidence, and motions forcing the prosecution disclose their confidential informants so you can face your accusers.

Whatever it takes to mount a successful defense, I will navigate the federal criminal defense system and determine whether the charges against you are just, or if they can be reduced in any way.

My successful record speaks for itself – I was able to get a felony federal computer crime charge reduced to a misdemeanor by using the same aggressive defense tactics I outline above, and this resulted in my client receiving no jail time, and a year of probation. I repeat – no jail time*.

While I cannot make any promises about a length of sentence, or even reduced charges, I can guarantee that I will put my best foot forward and use all my resources to work to get any charges reduced significantly

Call my office to set up an appointment so I can conduct a confidential and thorough review of your case, and I will recommend the best course of action to ensure the best, most positive outcome possible.

*This statement concerning results obtained in another case does not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.