If Ventura law enforcement has arrested and charged you with armed robbery or robbery, then you are facing a felony charge and you need to take action to defend yourself as quickly as possible.

If the court convicts you of felony robbery or armed robbery, you could face anywhere from two years to a lifetime in prison. The law defines Robbery as a person who forcibly steals something from someone’s person via intimidation, violence or threats. Armed robbery is the same offense as robbery – someone using a deadly weapon to steal something from someone’s person forcibly – a much more serious crime.

The court can sentence a person convicted of robbery of a two to nine year prison sentence. The court could sentence a person convicted of armed robbery to the same term, but the California 10-20-life law could mean the court will add extra years depending on the circumstances as follows:

  • Extra 10 years for brandishing a firearm
  • Extra 20 years for firing the gun
  • Extra 25 years, or a sentence of natural life if the gun injures someone during the crime

Robbery or Armed Robbery Conviction Results in Three Strikes Law Eligibility

The California enacted the Three Strikes law to deal with California’s repeat offenders, also known as habitual offenders. Under California’s Three Strikes law, a person can receive up to three strikes on his or her criminal record, and will receive one strike for each felony for which he or she is convicted.

Robbery and armed robbery are eligible felony offenses that add a strike to your record. For each count that results in a felony conviction, you will receive one strike. Once you reach the third felony or third strike, you are sentenced to life in prison regardless of the circumstances surrounding the conviction.

Fighting Robbery, Armed Robbery, or a Three Strikes Sentence in Ventura

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Pat, CA

As a Ventura resident, you have to keep your record clear of felonies that could result in a strike on your record. Robbery and armed robbery are serious crimes, and a conviction for either crime is just as serious, which is why you must hire a criminal defense attorney with a proven success record fighting felony charges and strikes on your record as soon as you are charged.

If you have been charged with robbery or armed robbery in Ventura, I am that Ventura robbery defense lawyer who will fight for your rights and your freedom under the law. I promise to use all of my resources, my 20 plus years of experience, and my knowledge of the legal system to navigate the felony charges against you, challenge the evidence, and attempt to get the charges against you reduced so you can avoid a felony conviction or a strike on your record.

Contact the Law Offices of Robert M. Helfeld today, and I will go over your case in confidence and then together, we will work on a potential defense that will result in the best possible outcome for your case. Whether Ventura law enforcement arrested you with your first or your third robbery or armed robbery charge, you can rest easier knowing that you have me by your side fighting for your future.