If Ventura law enforcement has charged with you any type of fraud charges, you are facing consequences of a serious nature if a jury convicts you. Fraud charges are not funny, and whether you are facing fraud charges on the state or federal level, I will take your charges and your defense seriously – just as seriously as I take murder, sex crimes, and other charges.

Considered the same type of white collar crime that bank fraud, credit card fraud, Internet and computer fraud, bankruptcy fraud, or insider trading is, general fraud charges can include a variety of circumstances, and the factors surrounding the charges and your record can help determine how serious the consequences could be.

Fraud charges typically include:

  • Forging a signature on a check
  • Forging a signature on any documents
  • Paying for something with your own check knowing there is no money in your bank account
  • Welfare fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Insurance fraud

If law enforcement in Ventura, or federal officials have charged you with fraud for any of the above reasons, you need to hire a Ventura fraud defense attorney with extensive experience fighting these types of charges, while navigating the state and federal legal systems at the same time.

The only thing a prosecutor has to prove is that you intended to defraud someone – whether you went through with the fraud or not and for this, you will need an attorney who understands that just because you are charged with fraud that it doesn’t mean that you committed fraud. Even if you made restitution, you can still be charged with fraud, so you want an attorney who knows how to handle the charges in such a way in which if the evidence is substantial, he or she can get the officers to accept restitution instead of jail time. Essentially, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney skilled in handling all sorts of fraud charges and penalties while at the same time looking out for their clients’ best interests.

Typically, fraud charges don’t actually end with fraud – the charges can include a variety of charges based on the specific circumstances of the case at hand. For example, a group of people who committed insurance fraud got away with almost half a billion before being caught – that group of people filed false Medicare claims for $452 million.

Anotehr women was charged with multiple counts of wire mail, and bank fraud in addition to money laundering simply because she ran a surrogacy scheme to the tune of $2 million.

Federal prosecutors caught up with her and she is facing a minimum 60-year federal prison term, plus restitution in the amount she defrauded victims.

Prosecutors tend to push for a jail sentence to penalize those convicted of fraud, even though prosecutors know that convicting a head of household of a crime – especially fraud – will take away that family’s ability to care for themselves.

When you hire me, you can rest assured that if I cannot get the charges dropped, dismissed or reduced, that I will push for restitution by way of a payment plan in exchange for jail time, and in such a way that everyone walks away happy, and able to live their lives outside a jail cell.

No matter the charges, the potential penalties, and sentencing conditions, I will fight on your behalf as vigorously as I can, while shooting for the best potential outcome. I will use the full extent of my 40 plus years of experience and all of my extensive resources to fight for your freedom and your rights under California law. I will conduct my own investigation, and if I find that you have been wrongfully accused, then I will fight even harder to make sure that you are not convicted of a crime you did not commit. No matter the circumstances, you will have me at your side every step of the way.

Consequences of Fraud Charges

There are multiple levels of charges that law enforcement can arrest you for, and depending on the circumstances, they can include your being charged with misdemeanor fraud if you are convicted of taking less than $200 and have no prior convictions. You can be charged with felony fraud if you are convicted of taking more than $200, or if you have prior convictions.

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Pat, CA

On the other hand, the federal government could step in and charge you with fraud in connection with other federal level crimes. Ultimately, though, it is up to the prosecutor of your case to determine how the charges are filed, and at which level.

Another factor with fraud charges is that California law has what is called an, “Embellishment law,” which states that anyone who is a habitual offender, or repeat offender shall receive an extra two to five years on their sentence. To qualify for the added penalties, you have to have been convicted at least twice before, or convicted for at least two counts at the same time.

To prove that you committed fraud, or have acted with fraudulent behavior, the prosecutor must prove that you made a false statement knowingly and willingly, that you intended to deceive, that the victim relied on your fraudulent word, and that the victim was indeed injured by the fraud.

Because not all statements are fraud, and because people make mistakes, it is difficult to prove that someone has willfully defrauded another person. However, because fraud typically requires a good bit of planning in order for the defendant to get the victim to trust him or her, when fraud is proven, it is more harshly punished.

If you are facing fraud charges, do the right thing and contact a criminal defense attorney like me to defend you against the prosecution. Since many fraud charges come via the federal level, whether the charges accuse you of taking $100 or $1 million, you need someone who will defend your rights, your actions, and your reputation.

This is no time to be afraid to speak up, so contact me today so we can go over the circumstances of your case and put together a defense that will guarantee you the best possible outcome.