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If you’ve been charged with a crime in Ventura or in Southern California, you should know that you are at an important point in your life. Facing criminal charges is a major event, and the results can drastically change the course of your life from this point forward. If you’ve known anyone who has faced criminal charges, then you probably already know that the road ahead will be difficult at best.

Understanding that you are on a difficult path is one thing, while knowing who to go to for help to set you on the right criminal defense path is another entirely.

I have dedicated my professional life to defending Ventura and Southern California residents from the charges they face since 1984, and during this time, I have built up a reputation for honesty and integrity to go along with my vast criminal defense experience and knowledge of the federal and state legal systems. I am rated by SuperLawyers, Lead Counsel and I am rated as a National Trial Lawyers Top 100 defense attorney.

While I usually allow my case record to speak for itself, I will say that you are in excellent hands if you decide to hire me and my firm to represent you.

California Charges are Serious – Demand a Serious Defense Attorney

While looking for the right attorney to stand at your side, know that there are numerous lawyers and law firms that will make promises and guarantees that are simply too good to be true. Often, those who are talked into hiring these types of lawyers and law firms will eventually face disappointing results, not to mention a string of broken promises.

Whether the charges and accusations against you are true or not does not matter. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney or law firm that will stand beside you every step of the way. More importantly, you need an attorney or law firm that is not afraid to tell you like it is regarding the truth of the circumstances, the charges, and potential outcome you might face, whether the truth if what you want to hear or not.

The only way to fight a winning court fight is for an attorney to stand beside you every step of the way. A good defense attorney will fight with integrity to achieve a positive outcome, no matter the charges.

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“This man is a very effective criminal defense attorney. I was charged but I never had to go to court because the case was thrown out thanks to his efforts. I was very worried because I didn’t know anyone who could confirm my location, but he was able to prove that I was innocent.”
Jason, CA

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Put My Decades of Experience to Work for You

If you choose my firm to represent you, this is exactly the type of criminal defense you will receive. I believe that anything less is simply unacceptable. Put my more than 35 years of legal and criminal defense experience to work for you. No matter the charges, you will receive my utmost dedication and the full extent of my firm’s resources to ensure that you get a fair fight – you will get a chance to defend your rights, your freedom and your future with me and my firm standing beside you every step of the way.

Having been in practice since 1984, I have almost three decades of experience fighting cases on both the state and federal level, and I will use that experience to provide you with professionalism, and the means by which we will construct an innovative defense.

Because the success of your defense is related to the professionalism, experience, and education of the defense attorney you consider hiring, you need to choose an attorney who has all of these qualities, and much more.

Fighting criminal charges such as Internet fraud, identity theft, sex crimes, drug crimes, and even insider trading charges at the federal or state level whether the charges is a misdemeanor or a felony requires an attorney who is prepared to use every means at his or her disposal to defend you.

You Need an Aggressive, Fearless Attorney

Because a conviction could mean the end of your freedom, you cannot leave your fate to chance, which means you cannot afford to hire a criminal defense attorney who cannot prove his or her success. You cannot afford to hire an attorney with little to no real world trial experience, and you certainly cannot afford to hire an attorney who is not aggressive or fearless enough to fight your case with everything he or she has. You need proven results from an attorney with a record of successful legal maneuvering and defense tactics that work.

You need me, Robert M. Helfend Attorney at Law and my offices to represent you because I have decades of experience and a string of successful case outcomes that no other area attorney can claim.

When you choose my firm, you can rest assured that you have hired a professional who is ready and waiting to work with you and dedicate 100 percent of time and resources to your case.

As a successful firm and attorney, I have earned my due respect from the courts and the judges, and I have a long reputation for honesty, integrity, and success. Having developed a number of viable legal strategies combined with my own investigations of the charges and evidence at hand, I am well known for my approach to criminal defense, and for my tendency to vigorously fight for my clients’ right at every turn of the case.

No matter the charge you face, whether it is a sex crime, domestic violence, child pornography, or even a murder charge, rest assured that when you hire me I would fight beside you no matter whom you are or where you come from. Law enforcement might discriminate when charging someone with a crime, but I do not, and when you walk in my door, you are assured of receiving outstanding legal criminal defense no matter what.

My firm takes all sorts of cases, and no two are alike – the same is true of legal defenses. Besides, we know that a cookie cutter defense will get you a cookie cutter sentence.

We believe it is which is why when you chose me and my firm to defend you, we craft a customized defense strategy for each client based on the specific circumstances and the specific charges our client is facing.

Whether you are facing embezzlement charges, dug crime charges, murder, or medical marijuana charges doesn’t matter because we will defend every case with the same gusto and the same attention to detail as any other case. You will receive the same 100 percent of our resources and experience to ensure a positive outcome.

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When you call me or visit my offices, you will see with your own eyes the experience and dedication we place on each individual case that has resulted in success after success.

While you should not hire an attorney based on experience alone, knowing that the criminal defense attorney you hire has a long history of successful defense experience should be considered.

No matter whom you choose to represent you along the way, the attorney you decide to hire should leave you with the confidence that the attorney will offer you the same dedication and professional service to help you face what will probably be one of the most difficult times in your life.

Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges at the state or federal level, the charges you face will change your life forever including murder, drug trafficking, embezzlement, fraud, sex crimes, medical marijuana, robbery, assault, or the myriad of other charges.

That is why after we meet I am sure you will be confident that I will provide you with the dedication, professionalism, and tailor made defense that you deserve, and the resources and vigorous defense you need with me standing at your side. While I cannot guarantee a specific outcome, I will guarantee that I will fight for the most favorable, or positive outcome possible in your case.

The sooner you hire a competent experienced criminal defense attorney, the sooner you will be able to feel confident that you are doing everything you can to protect your rights, your freedom and your future.

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