Ventura Criminal Defense Attorney Robert M. Helfend, Attorney at Law

When you retain the services of the Law offices of Robert M. Helfend, Attorney at Law, you can rest assured that you have hired a criminal defense attorney with the experience, knowledge and drive to defend you against the charges pending against you aggressively and tirelessly.

Because you are innocent until a court of law proves you otherwise, you can expect that I will treat you as such, and you can expect that I will vigorously fight for your every right and freedom granted to you under California law and the constitution of the United States.

My name is Robert Helfend, and I have a reputation of representing my clients vigorously, and tirelessly while using my more than 20 years of criminal defense experience and trial law knowledge to help clients navigate both the state and federal district criminal court processes.

I will fight fearlessly against the prosecution by challenging circumstantial or otherwise weak evidence against my client, while conducting my own investigations into the alleged crimes committed. I have a substantial record for being able to get the prosecutor to reduce charges, and the courts to reduce sentencing, so that my clients have their freedom and future to look forward to.

I Don’t Make Promises I Can’t Keep

Because the world of criminal defense and trial lawyers is saturated with attorneys who are successful, albeit marginally so, whether you decide to hire me as your criminal defense attorney or not, you should be aware of something…

There is not a single attorney in the world who can promise you a specific result regarding the charges against you.

You see, I have come across a number of clients who have mentioned to me how they have received pitches from lawyers promising them the world, and an acquittal to go with it. The result?

Broken promises without a care for what their clients need, which often results in broken souls and a lack of trust for the legal profession moving forward. While an attorney thinks that he or she can get charges reduced, or believes that he or she can get you acquitted, you need to know that once you are at trial, the promises are never a sure thing and the jury might have something different to say.

Besides, while a good, competent attorney will make you aware of the fact that they cannot guarantee an outcome, you should know that just because they cannot promise you the world, they aren’t a good attorney.

All good attorneys will tell you they cannot guarantee specific results.

Over the years of practicing law, I have strived to maintain a reputation of honesty and integrity, and I force myself to do better, and to be a better attorney. I do not break promises because I do not make promises I cannot keep, which means I do not guarantee an outcome, nor will I guarantee an acquittal, dismissal, or similar outcome.

I will however guarantee to work with you to build a defense based on solid information and investigations – a defense that is guaranteed to result in the best outcome that is possible in the given situation.

Hire a Ventura Criminal Defense Attorney

If law enforcement in Ventura charged you with any type of criminal charges, then the chances are high that you are here because you need the best criminal defense attorney you can find to help defend you against the charges.

While it is true that I have used my extensive trial experience to get the jury to acquit, and I’ve vigorously fought to get the prosecution to drop or significantly reduce even the most serious of charges, I certainly didn’t make a promise to a client that I couldn’t keep.

If you hire me, what I can guarantee is that I will use all my experience and my knowledge to work with you and within the law so that we can develop a defense strategy tailored to your case, your charges, ad your future needs.

I am on your side, and if you hire me, I will be the stand up lawyer who is not afraid to stand up for you and defend your rights under the California law – no broken promises needed.

Contact my office to set up an appointment so we can meet and discuss your case in confidence.