If you’ve been arrested and are a resident of Ventura county, then you know you will need to find an attorney who can represent your legal rights fearlessly while also aggressively pursuing your criminal defense and maintain your innocence until the courts prove otherwise.

The quality of the legal representation is crucial to the outcome of your case – no matter the charges filed against you. This is especially true if you are forced into court or a jury trial.

How I can help you

My entire legal career has been dedicated to protecting the legal rights of my clients as granted to them by the constitution and by California state law while vigorously defending their future both in and out of the courtroom on the state or federal level.

With hundreds of cases under my belt, and having tried them in Southern California and Ventura over the years, I have gained the experience needed to be fearless in the face of even the most desperate of cases.

Whether you are facing charges of burglary, breaking and entering, child pornography, domestic violence, drug crimes, Driving under the influence, embezzlement, sex crimes, grand theft, or any other crime, I or a member of my team will analyze the charges and your case, and tell you honestly what the situation is and how we can help.

Superior Legal Representation

I understand how the legal system works just as well as I know how a courtroom operates and with 20+ years of legal experience to back me up, I know that each case that comes across my desk is unique, and will require a different plan of attack.

To build an aggressive defense that can result in the best possible outcome, I work with my clients to find evidence, issues, and materials relevant to their case, and I fight fearlessly to secure your freedom.

Because of the nature of the California legal system, you must secure the best possible legal counsel, and that will require that you hire a criminal defense attorney who will work tirelessly to build a rock solid legal defense.

If convicted of a crime, your freedom and quite possibly the rest of your life is at stake depending on the charges against you, and you could face harsh fines, hefty prison time, and any number of years on probation afterwards – not to mention potential community service requirements some sentences come with.

A Superior Defense Requires a Superior Ventura County Defense Attorney

While you could get those penalties reduced with the right attorney preparing the right defense, wouldn’t you rather avoid a conviction in the first place?

If you are arrested or otherwise facing criminal charges in Ventura or Southern California, help me help you by calling on me and my legal experience to protect you and your future. By hiring me, rest assured that I will build a rock solid strategy unique to your specific case, challenge the prosecutor’s evidence against you and fight the criminal charges furiously for the best possible outcome.

You are innocent until proven otherwise, so help me help you maintain that innocence – contact my offices today.