Being charged with a crime can be embarrassing and confusing. As your case works its way through the judicial system, you can only sit and wonder what will happen and how it will affect those close to you.

This is why it’s so important to have an experienced Simi Valley criminal defense attorney on your side.

I’m attorney Robert M. Helfend, and I have proudly practiced as a criminal defense attorney here in Simi Valley since 1984. With more than three decades of experience, I have tried hundreds of cases — everything from run-of-the-mill misdemeanors to murder. And while each case is different, one thing remains the same: My commitment to justice for you.

Navigating the criminal justice system is difficult, and facing off against prosecutors and criminal investigators can be intimidating. I am an aggressive advocate for my clients, and I will stand up for you against intrusive investigators.

Areas of Practice –
Simi Valley Criminal Defense Attorney

Practicing from my office here on California Street in downtown Ventura, I provide criminal defense to clients in state and federal courts here in Simi Valley and throughout Southern California. These are some of my practice areas:   


You can receive criminal breaking and entering or burglary charges if you enter a home without permission of the owner, with the intent to steal. A felony conviction will result in one of three allowed strikes on your record.

Drug Crimes

California might be considered a marijuana-friendly state, but the state has still arrested more than a half-million people for drug infractions since 2006. That includes an average of 14,000 felony arrests a year. I represent anyone accused of distribution, possession, manufacturing and trafficking, for all drug types. This includes cocaine, crack-cocaine, methamphetamine, prescription painkillers and other illicit substances.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

In California, law enforcement can charge you with a DUI or enhanced DUI if the officer suspects you of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Blood alcohol tests aren’t necessary and often aren’t used. Field sobriety tests are subjective and police can give them wrong and equipment can be inaccurate.

Identity Theft

Identity theft can result in serious consequences if you are convicted. Charges here can arise from something as simple as using someone else’s credit card or identifying information, or more complex situations like Internet fraud or securities fraud.

Child Pornography

The FBI aggressively prosecutes child pornography charges, including anything concerning the distribution, possession, production, promotion, creation and/or the sale of photographs, videos, digital and/or drawn representations that are sexual in nature or otherwise promote sexual abuse of a minor.


As you are probably aware, homicide or manslaughter charges can cost you everything. It is crucial to work with a lawyer who not only has the expertise and experience to fight the charges against you, but one who will vigorously defend you and your right to a fair trial.

Armed Robbery or Robbery

In California, robbery is a felony. This means that if you are convicted of robbery – an attempt at forcibly taking or actual taking of someone’s possessions without permission, or by using any form of intimidation – you could face a up to a life sentence.

Sex Crimes

Unlike some other crimes, sex crimes often lack substantial physical evidence. You can be charged with rape, statutory rape, abuse, molestation or a related crime based simply on accusations and circumstantial evidence. Because those convicted of sex crimes in California are required to register as sex offenders, this can cause untold amounts of embarrassment, employment issues, housing problems and lost income for years to come.

National Federal Crime Defense

“This man is a very effective criminal defense attorney. I was charged but I never had to go to court because the case was thrown out thanks to his efforts. I was very worried because I didn’t know anyone who could confirm my location, but he was able to prove that I was innocent.”
Jason, CA

I proudly defend those accused of federal crimes nationwide. Federal crimes (which are prosecuted by the U.S. Government, rather than the state or county) are among the most serious and could result in serious consequences if you are convicted. These require the skills of an experienced lawyer seasoned in federal courts.

If you have been charged with a crime, time is of the essence. Investigators and prosecutors are likely building a case against you as you read this, so it is important to consult with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The legal system is often confusing to navigate, and I take pride in helping give my clients peace of mind as I aggressively fight to defend them.

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