If Ventura law enforcement has charged you with a crime, then you need to seek legal counsel immediately – or as soon as is reasonably possible after you are charged. The sooner you seek representation, the sooner you can start building a defense strategy with which you can fight the charges, and possibly get them reduced or dismissed.

Before you face the charges against you or even hire an attorney to help, you should be as prepared as you can by soaking up as much legal information as is possible. Knowledge is the first defense against criminal charges. Learning all you can about how the legal system works and about the charges against you will make understanding your options easier.

Because I want you to be prepared, I provided some links to various governmental, business, and legal resources that contain information about the legal issues you may face, and the options you may have.

Read, learn and prepare yourself for your day in court:

Criminal Defense


Business and Finance


When you are ready to discuss the charges, or the options you have, don’t hesitate to call me, Robert M. Helfend, and I will take the first steps in preparing your defense by reviewing your case in confidence.

I have fought for my clients against a variety of state and federal criminal charges, and have seen a number of almost impossible cases dismissed, while watching others get charges and sentencing reduced. I use all the resources at my disposal to prepare a strategic legal defense based on the case circumstances, evidence, and charges against you.

If you choose to hire me, from there, we will work together to go over your options, build a credible and powerful defense, and fight vigorously for your freedom and your future.

you are getting more than 25 years of criminal defense experience and knowledge that I will use to defend you and your rights under California law.