Because California law is so strict – with penalties even stricter – in order to achieve the greatest chance of a successful defense, it is crucial that Ventura residents and residents of the greater Ventura and Los Angeles accused of committing a crime seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

As an Attorney in practice since 1984, I, Robert M. Helfend, have dedicated my life to serving California residents, offering my advice and legal services concerning legal matters on both the state and federal level. Because the California laws are so strict, I bring my more than 25 years of criminal defense experience and aggressive defense style to the table and tirelessly fight for the rights and freedoms of my clients.

With such an extensive history of defending Ventura residents against state and federal charges and accusations, there is almost nothing that I cannot help with. Whether you are facing serious murder charges, or were arrested for a DUI for the very first time, one thing is sure – you can count on me to stand by your side and use all of my resources to defend you against any charge, and represent you during every step of any legal proceeding,

Whether you live in Ventura, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs, know that as a criminal defense attorney, I focus only on criminal matters.

Anything less than the best in criminal defense methods could result in a conviction, even if you are innocent, which is why when you hire me to stand by your side, you can rest assured my attention will not be diverted and that I will work tirelessly to provide you with a defense using every resource at my disposal. That includes incorporating everything from good old-fashioned legwork to using the newest, most innovative scientific methods to conduct my own investigation into the charges you face while providing the most hard-hitting criminal defense possible, no matter what the charge.

My vast knowledge and experience working within the criminal justice system on every level allows me to understand exactly what it is that my clients feel when they come to me for help. I also understand that choosing an attorney and a law firm is no laughing matter – the choice you make will impact the rest of your life when you are facing criminal charges. This is why if you choose The Law Offices of Robert M. Helfend to defend you, I can guarantee that I will put the skills and resources of my entire team to work for you, so that you get the best representation standing at your side.

I refuse to allow an innocent person to go to jail and I will fight tooth and nail to ensure it doesn’t happen on my watch.

Attorney credentials

If Ventura law enforcement, or law enforcement from the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs, have arrested and charged you with a crime, the first thing on your to do list should be contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney who can navigate the legal system on every level.

The choice you make when deciding on legal representation is just as serious as the charges against you. You need an attorney who can provide not just a legal defense, but also provide the proof that he or she can make a defense work for you. Successful defense strategies, winning case histories, exemplary education, and overall focus and dedication to the client should all be considered when choosing the attorney to defend you.

In other words, you want an attorney who has the experience to represent you and the chops to back up his or her promises.

As someone who believes in everything you just read, allow me to tell you a bit about myself, and my successful criminal defense records:

I studied at the University of California at Berkeley during my undergraduate years, and successfully graduated in 1980. Afterwards, I went on to the Pepperdine University School of Law to complete my law degree, and in 1983, I completed graduate school and began defending clients as a criminal defense attorney almost immediately thereafter.

Ever since 1984, I have represented clients as a criminal defense attorney exclusively, and with almost three decades of experience on my side, I have represented clients in almost 100 criminal trials in Southern California, many of which I defended successfully, resulting in favorable outcomes for them.

Creating a favorable outcome is not simple, and it takes dedication, experience, and an understanding of the charges so that I can prepare the best defense strategies and use the most favorable legal maneuvering. While I cannot guarantee that every case will end with a favorable outcome for my client, I can guarantee that I put in 100 percent of my resources, hard work and dedication.

Since 1984, I have had my hands on every single case that comes across my firm’s desk, which is the standard I set for every client and ever case, and I will not rest until I know I’ve done everything to guarantee the most positive outcome possible.