Ventura murder suspect arrested in TX
Ventura murder suspect arrested in TX
A man suspected in a double shooting in Ventura on December 4, in which one person died, was arrested for murder in Amarillo, TX on December 15. According to news reports, Ventura police developed information that Sadiki Shakur, of Ventura, had fled the area following a shooting.

Police allege that Shakur shot Spencer Turner, 27, of Ventura and another man as they left the Golden China Restaurant. Turner died at the scene and the other man was taken to the hospital. No motive for the shootings is known.

Amarillo police spotted Shakur’s rental vehicle parked at an Amarillo pizza restaurant. They surveilled the car until Shakur and another man left the restaurant. They conducted a traffic stop and arrested Shakur, the driver, and Ryan Pierret, a passenger, who is not connected to the shootings. Pierret was arrested for drug possession for having a small amount of marijuana on his person. Shakur is being held without bond in Amarillo, and faces an extradition hearing to California.

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