Ventura couple arrested for sex crimes
Ventura couple arrested for sex crimes
A Ventura couple was arrested and charged with sex crimes involving human trafficking. Asia Jones, 18, of Riverside and Percy Stanley, 27, of Arkansas, following reports of possible prostitution in Ventura.

A witness called police to report that a young woman had been dropped off in the neighborhood in a silver Mercedes Benz, following which the woman met up with an unknown Hispanic male. The witness then reported the couple having sex in a neighbor’s back yard. When the caller confronted the couple, both people ran away. Police found a female matching the description provided by the witness and determined that she had been reported missing from Riverside County.

Police also stopped a couple in Ventura because the woman matched the description provided by the witness, but discovered that although the stop was the result of mistaken identity, the couple was associated with the missing Riverside girl.

Upon further investigation, police found that all three people had been staying at a Ventura motel, and the Jones and Stanley had posted an advertisement for sex with the 16-year-old on the Internet. Police located the Mercedes Benz and found that it was registered to Stanley, along with evidence that suggested that Stanley and Jones were pimping the 16-year-old girl.

Ventura sex crimes attorney

Human trafficking and other sex crimes have gained attention from police and prosecutors in recent years. The Internet provides an easy way to arrange sex-for-hire, and determined prosecutors have stepped up their efforts to charge and convict persons involved in promoting the sex trade.

If you’ve been arrested for sex crimes, you need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney like Robert Helfend. Many criminal defense attorneys won’t take sex crimes cases, particularly ones that involve minors. But as a defendant, you’re entitled to representation. Your attorney must be aggressive, and dedicated to providing superior representation and counsel in court.

Don’t risk your freedom on an inexperienced criminal defense attorney, or on an attorney who is uncomfortable with providing defense counsel for individuals accused of sex crimes.

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