Vagrant arrested in Ventura Theft
Vagrant arrested in Ventura Theft
Ventura Police arrested a vagrant and charged her in the theft of a small trailer from a residence last month.

According to Ventura police, they were called to a home to take a report of a burglary there. The homeowners had inadvertently left their garage door open for a brief period during the day. While the garage was open, the suspect, Brandi Kolacki, 38, entered the garage and removed a bicycle trailer. The incident was captured on the home’s video security system. Using the videotape, police developed a description of the suspect and the stolen item.

Two days later, the investigating officer saw a woman who resembled the suspect and questioned her. He determined that she was the suspect in the videotape, and that she still possessed the trailer. Kolacki was arrested at that time for residential burglary and for being in possession of stolen property. She also had an outstanding arrest warrant on another matter. At the time of her arrest, she was also found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia, drugs and counterfeit money and now also faces charges for that.

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