Thousand Oaks Identity Theft Arrest Busts Gas Theft Ring
Thousand Oaks Arrest Busts Gas Theft Ring
Thousand Oaks police arrested a Van Nuys man for mail theft and identity theft. As a result of the identity theft arrest, they also discovered a connection to a Los Angeles-based gasoline theft operation.

A witness reported seeing the driver of a commercial truck stealing mail from a Thousand Oaks mailbox. Police located the driver of the truck and arrested him following their investigation. They searched the vehicle and discovered stolen mail, multiple gift cards and drug paraphernalia.

Thousand Oaks police impounded the truck. A further inspection of the vehicle revealed four makeshift diesel fuel tanks inside the bed of the truck. The tanks could each hold 200 gallons of fuel.

Police believe the man erased the magnetic stripes on the gift cards, then recoded them with stolen credit card information. He used the duplicate credit cards to pay for the fuel, then later resold the fuel to gas stations at a discounted price. Officers also found incriminating surveillance video footage showing the man stealing mail, and frequenting neighborhoods where residents reported mail thefts.

Prosecutors charged the man with one felony identity theft count and five misdemeanors, including mail theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Thousand Oaks Identity Theft Attorney

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