Theft Lands Moorpark Insurance Agent in Hot Water
Theft Lands Moorpark Insurance Agent in Hot Water
A Moorpark insurance agent faces charges of grand theft after taking advantage of a person with dementia. According to police, the agent sold a $1.2 million annuity policy to a dependent adult with recently diagnosed dementia. The agent conspired with a caretaker relative who made multiple withdrawals from the annuity.

The relative impersonated the victim in telephone calls to the insurance company, and forged withdrawal paperwork. The insurance agent called the insurance underwriter more than a dozen times to assist the relative in the withdrawals. In addition to losing more than $700,000 from the annuity, the victim lost an additional $92,000 in early withdrawal penalties.

Although the agent lives in Moorpark, the San Diego District Attorney’s office is prosecuting the case. The relative, who faces charges as a co-conspirator, lives in Oceanside. California Department of Insurance detectives investigated the case. The co-conspirators face 16 felony counts each of grand theft, caretaker theft and forgery.

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