Theft Charge for Los Angeles Suspect
Theft Charge for Los Angeles Suspect
A Los Angeles woman faces theft charges following a two-month-long investigation. The woman targeted high-end clothing stores in Ventura and Orange Counties. Simi Valley Police say the woman had a particular fondness for the local Macy’s store there.

According to police, they served a search warrant in Los Angeles last month on the woman’s residence. They discovered evidence during the search that connected the woman to a string of incidents. As a result, she now faces charges of grand theft, conspiracy and organized retail theft. The organized retail fraud charge is new, having been introduced in January. Prosecutors accuse her of committing organized retail fraud at least twice in a 12-month period. The charge is a felony. She also faces two felony grand theft charges.

Police believe that the woman operated as part of a larger, organized crime ring. They believe she worked with as many as a half-dozen other suspects. The woman posted a bail of $25,000 and will return to court on March 18 for arraignment.

Simi Valley theft lawyer

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Retail fraud can lead to grand theft charges, depending upon the value of the stolen merchandise. Repeated or organized retail fraud can now lead to additional felony charges.

In California, it’s important to avoid felony convictions. The state’s Three Strikes Law can increase penalties on subsequent convictions. A third conviction for a violent felony can put you in prison for life.

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