Sex crimes suspect enmeshed in second investigation
Sex crimes suspect enmeshed in second investigation
A Ventura man suspected of sex crimes faces an inquiry into potentially contaminated musical instruments. The man arrested last month founded a charitable organization designed to distribute flutes to children around the world. Investigators now say that some of the gift flutes appear to be contaminated with semen.

California authorities began collecting the organization’s flutes in 2017, following a tip. At least four Orange County districts say that their students may have come into contact with contaminated instruments. The contamination investigation is unrelated to the child pornography indictment.

Authorities arrested the man in Los Angeles on an indictment for producing child pornography. According to the indictment, the man enticed a female victim to produce pornographic images. He also attempted to entice another victim to send him sexually explicit images. In addition, authorities say the man traveled to the Philippines to have sex with minors and possessed child pornography. Authorities say that the suspect also sent dozens of graphic images to the victim. None of the minors in the child sex cases reside in Southern California.

The suspect will return to court in early November for trial on the child pornography charges. He does not currently face charges related to the contaminated flutes.

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