Sex crimes conviction leads to school district lawsuit
Sex crimes conviction leads to school district lawsuit
A registered sex offender is suing the Ventura Unified School District and hopes the California Supreme Court will see things his way. The man was convicted of sex crimes nearly 30 years ago. He says school district policy endangers his young daughter, and also interferes with his parental rights.

The man’s lawyers filed the case directly with the state’s Supreme Court. School district attorneys hope to have the case rejected. They argue that the man’s attorneys should have filed the case in the Ventura County Superior Court first.

The man says that VUSD policy violates the man’s federal and state due process rights. According to the man, he sought permission to enter his daughter’s school, but school officials flatly denied his request. As a result, the man cannot walk his daughter to school, attend school functions or participate in parent-teacher conferences. According to the man, his daughter must travel a dangerous public thoroughfare alone to get to and from school.

The plaintiff tried to comply with state law, which requires him to get written permission to enter the school. The statute also restricts entry to what it terms “lawful business.” The man’s lawyers argue that the statute does not give the school district the authority to deny the man entry.

The case has similarities to one filed against the Fontana School District. In that case, the judge ruled last week that the school district’s policy exceeded the district’s legal authority. The policy absolutely prohibited sex offenders from entering a school building with no exceptions. The judge ordered that policy to be rescinded.

The State Legislature could render the question moot by enacting SB 421. The bill, which passed the state Senate last week, would allow the plaintiff in this case to exit the state’s Sex Offender Registry.

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This case illustrates why you need the assistance of an experienced, aggressive sex crimes lawyer, if you’re facing charges in California. Convicted sex offenders currently have no way to exit the registry, even after they’ve served their sentence, and have demonstrated a history of not re-offending.

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