Sex crimes charge for Ventura "Good Samaritan"
Sex crimes charge for Ventura “Good Samaritan”
A Ventura man faces sex crimes charges after helping a woman change a flat tire. Camarillo police say that the suspect stopped to help a woman whose car had a flat tire in Somis. According to the victim, she offered the man $50 after he changed the tire on her car. Instead, he pulled the woman toward him and pinned the victim against her car.

The victim broke free and returned to her car. The suspect followed her into the car and began touching her. He eventually exited the car and the woman left the scene. She reported the incident to the police. Within two weeks, they identified and arrested the suspect. They booked the 53-year-old man into the Ventura County Jail. He faces a misdemeanor battery charge. Jail officials released the man after he posted a $20,000 bond. He will return to court for arraignment on November 27.

Ventura sex crimes attorney

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