Securities fraud settlement from local cannabis firm
Securities fraud settlement from local cannabis firm
A Los Angeles cannabis management firm and its owner settled securities fraud charges against the company earlier this month.

Vincent Mehdizadeh, the founder of Notis Global Inc., of Los Angeles, paid more than $12 million in fines to close a stock price inflation scam. Mehdizadeh is also banned from acting as a company officer for any public company.

The SEC says that Mehdizadeh developed a scheme to inflate the company’s earnings and manipulate its stock price. Investigators charge that Mehdizadeh, his fiancée, the company’s CEO and a third party participated in the scam.

The company, formerly known as MedBox, settled with the SEC as well. The SEC claims that the participants shifted stock and cash between themselves to boost apparent revenue. At one point, the company’s shares traded for nearly $100 each. The company restated its 2012, 2013 and 2014 earnings following an independent audit. That caused the share prices to collapse.

Mehdizadeh has previous criminal convictions for grand theft and intent to defraud, along with several misdemeanor convictions. He also owes the IRS more than $3 million. According to SEC filings, the company is currently operating at a loss.

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