Securities fraud rap for Oak View woman
Securities fraud rap for Oak View woman
An Oak View woman was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison for securities fraud. She was also ordered to repay nearly $500,000 to her victims. Gregoria Mendoza operated a half-dozen fraudulent real estate investment schemes that targeted non-English speaking investors in Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Tulare County.

According to prosecutors, Mendoza told investors that their money would be deposited into different real estate funds or used to purchase real estate, but instead, she redirected the money to herself. She was also convicted of a special white-collar enhancement of taking more than $100,000 from multiple victims. The Ventura County real estate fraud unit investigated the case. The court also appointed a receiver to liquidate Mendoza’s rental properties, and to use the proceeds for restitution to her victims.

At the time of her arrest in 2014, Mendoza was a licensed real estate broker who worked in Oxnard and conducted business there under multiple company names. In 2006, Mendoza completed a refinance of a property for one of her victims, and convinced the client to temporarily transfer $200,000 of the proceeds from the refinance to Mendoza. That person was never repaid.

Mendoza also took deposits for real estate purchases from other non-English speaking victims, then prepared documents in English stating that the deposits were loans. The clients signed the documents without knowing their true contents.

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