Securities fraud rap for movie scam
Fraud rap for movie scam
Two Southern California men was arrested and charged last month with securities fraud for their role in a $12 million movie investment scam. James Williams of Calabasas and Steven Brown of Santa Monica are two of three men charged in New York City in connection with the plan.

According to prosecutors, Williams, Brown have been accused of conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering for allegedly taking money from investors who thought they were fronting the money for major motion pictures. A third man, Gerald Seppala, of Wayzata, MN, is also charged with conspiracy and wire fraud in the scheme.

Prosecutors say the three men established an advance-fee scheme. They used the money to pay other investors, and for personal purchases, including a car and a house for Williams, and private school tuition for his children. The investors were promised guaranteed returns and profit sharing in exchange for their investments.

The accused co-conspirators allegedly produced frequent falsified accounting documentation for their victims. Williams was able to convince one investor to contribute $2 million to the scam by showing him falsified bank statements for an account allegedly meant for a movie. The falsified statement showed a bank balance of nearly $2 million, when in reality the account was empty.

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