Securities fraud convict from LA Extradited to NM
Securities fraud convict from LA Extradited to NM
A former Los Angeles resident who spent three years in federal prison for securities fraud is returning to New Mexico. According to investigators, the man moved to New Mexico after serving his federal sentence.

While there, he solicited funds from investors to build a major truck stop known informally as Truckers Paradise. Instead of building out the Savoy Travel Center, he paid off loans and used the money for personal expenses. He frequently solicited investors via newspaper ads in the Los Angeles Times.

In 2011, the suspect fled to Honduras after the Savoy Travel Center defaulted on a $16 million state-backed loan. Authorities in Honduras arrested the man as he attempted to leave the San Pedro Sula airport.

Federal authorities extradited him back to New Mexico to face charges of bank fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud. He also faces charges of conspiracy and defrauding New Mexico investors.

In 2012, the State of New Mexico fined the man and two business partners $375,000 for securities fraud. The state also found that the men sold securities without a license. A New Mexico state judge turned the truck stop over to a receiver, who subsequently filed for bankruptcy.

The suspect’s partners, who maintain they did not know of his criminal background, also face charges in the matter.

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