Oxnard Murder Charge in Cold Case
Oxnard Murder Charge in Cold Case
A 52-year old man already serving a life sentence for murder was charged with the rape and murder of a young Thousand Oaks woman who was killed in 1985.

Detectives reviewing cold cases reopened the matter and conducted new DNA tests on evidence from the crime scene. Isabel Hernandez was found stabbed to death in the Oxnard apartment of her boyfriend, who was attending a Bruce Springsteen concert at the time of her death.

Evidence from the scene implicated Vincent Mackey, who was convicted of the beating death of his employer, Jason Sprigg, in 1986. Mackey burglarized an El Rio business where he worked, and encountered Sprigg, who was working late. He beat Sprigg to death with a hammer. Prosecutors have not yet decided whether Mackey will face the death penalty in Hernandez’ death.

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