275px-Shonn_Greene_2011Tennessee Titans’ Running Back Shonn Greene was arrested in Franklin — about 20 miles south of Nashville — on multiple charges related to a handicap parking space. Greene now faces a slew of charges, including illegally parking in a handicap space, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving, and resisting to stop for a police officer.

According to USA Today, the incident began when the 29-year-old NFL star parked his vehicle in a handicap space located in a Franklin parking garage last week. A parking officer spotted the illegally parked vehicle, at which point Greene allegedly got behind the wheel and drove around the officer’s car.

Police say that Greene nearly hit the parking officer’s car as he fled the scene. When police caught up to him at a red light, he allegedly sped off again.

After checking surveillance footage and running Greene’s license plate through their database, police identified Shonn Greene as the suspect. Franklin police contacted the Tennessee Titans directly, informing them of the incident. The team convinced Greene to turn himself, at which point the running back was booked into the Franklin county jail late Friday night. After posting a $2,000 bond, Greene was released.

It’s important to note that the parking attendant whom first approached Greene was not a police officer. However,

Franklin Police Department Sergeant Charles Warner released a statement Greene’s arrest was unnecessary, and that the incident could have been avoided if Greene parked in a non-handicap space.

The entire situation could have been avoided if he would have left that handicap space for who is was intended for. The fact that he didn’t and got caught being parked there, he could have stopped things from going any further than a parking ticket if he would have simply communicated with the parking enforcement officer and not taken such evasive measures to get away from her, increasing the seriousness of what would have been a simple parking ticket.”

It’s important to note that the parking attendant whom first approached Greene was not a police officer. However, Charles Warner said that “certain laws apply to her and her authority.”

Greene has played five games thus far in the 2014-2015 NFL season. His stats for the season include 190 rushing yards and 1 touchdown on 44 carries. There’s been no official response by the Tennessee Titans regarding Greene’s arrest.

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