Murder suspect pleads not guilty in Port Hueneme
Murder suspect pleads not guilty in Port Hueneme
A suspect in a Port Hueneme murder pleaded not guilty last week. The man faces charges in the death of Barbara Brattin, who died from blunt-force injuries in a Port Hueneme motel. The death occurred in late July. According to police, the suspect and victim knew each other, and this is not a random event.

Police describe the suspect as a transient. In addition to the homicide charge, the suspect also faces special allegations connected to a previous felony conviction. In 2013, a Los Angeles court convicted the suspect of robbery.

Police in Humboldt County arrested the suspect in early August on a Los Angeles County warrant. LA County issued the warrant for an alleged probation violation. While LA authorities held the suspect in the Los Angeles County Jail, Port Hueneme authorities obtained an arrest warrant. The suspect was transferred to the Ventura County Jail. He received a bail of $1 million. He will appear in court again on November 15 in matters related to the case.

Port Hueneme Murder Attorney

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His first priority will be to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. This is important, particularly if you have one or more prior felony convictions. Murder is the most serious charge you can face in California. If convicted, you could face the death penalty, or life in prison with or without parole. In some cases, your sentence could be less, depending on the charges against you.

In any homicide case, you need an experienced attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights. It is exceedingly difficult to undo what happens in a courtroom. The best time to fight unjust charges and prosecutorial mistakes is before they result in a conviction. Don’t settle for an attorney who won’t fight for you!

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