Murder charge for Simi Valley Woman
Murder charge for Simi Valley Woman
A 75-year-old Simi Valley woman was arrested and charged with the murder of her longtime 84-year-old companion last month. Mary Karacas allegedly shot Salvatore Orefice to death during an altercation. The pair were moving out of a home that had been sold at the time of the incident.

The buyers stopped by the home to verify that Karacas and Orefice had vacated the home, and discovered Orefice’s body. They called the police to the home. While the police were investigating, Karacas returned to the scene and told police she had shot Orefice. She was arrested and booked into the Ventura County Jail. She was later charged with murder and a special allegation of personally and intentionally discharging a firearm, causing great bodily injury. Karacas was given a bail of $750,000, but remains in jail. She faces a sentence of 50 years to life if convicted on all charges.

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