Identity Theft Suspect Sentenced in Hit-and-Run
Identity Theft Suspect Sentenced in Hit-and-Run
A Ventura woman will spend eight years and four months in prison for vehicular manslaughter. In addition, the woman pleaded guilty to possession of a forged driver license and misdemeanor identity theft. The identity charges were unrelated to the vehicular manslaughter case.

According to prosecutors, the woman was driving while intoxicated. She left the roadway adjacent to the Ventura County Government Complex. The woman struck a pedestrian on the sidewalk who later died of her injuries. According to police, the driver briefly stopped after striking the woman, then fled the scene of the accident. Investigators located the driver and determined that she had operated the vehicle while under the influence of drugs. The accident occurred on April 25, 2017 just prior to 8:00 AM.

In addition to those charges, the woman also pleaded guilty to failing to appear in court while on bail.

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