Identity Theft Fugitive Jailed In Ventura
Identity Theft Fugitive Jailed In Ventura
A Malibu man who is also wanted in Florida sits in the Ventura County Jail on charges of check fraud and identity theft. Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Cedric Frierson after he used a fraudulent check to post bail for an earlier Thousand Oaks arrest.

In April, the Thousand Oaks Police Department began investigating Frierson after DCH Ford reported the theft of a vehicle. Frierson “bought” a 2014 Toyota 4-Runner using a forged check. At the dealership, Frierson identified himself as Cedric Yearwood.

Frierson became a suspect in at least three fraudulent vehicle transactions involving car dealerships in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. At the time of his initial arrest, Frierson had at least three counterfeit checks in his possession.

Thousand Oaks police booked Frierson into the Ventura County Jail. He posted bail a few days later using another counterfeit cashier’s check. During the investigation, police learned that Frierson presented himself as a real estate company, which he used as a cover.

Sheriff’s deputies from Los Angeles County and Ventura County worked jointly to locate Frierson. He is currently being held on a $1.45 M bail. Investigators also discovered that officials in Florida issued a fugitive warrant for Frierson.

Frierson is no stranger to law enforcement, and was previously classified as a fugitive by Florida and Georgia. A 2008 Florida business registration shows that Frierson and his wife owned a now- defunct cupcake business in Orlando.

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