Identity Theft Charge For Camarillo Businessman
Identity Theft Charge For Camarillo Businessman
A Canoga Park man faces identity theft charges following a complaint from a customer. According to police, the victim reported that a series of unknown charges that exceeded $20,000.

Detectives from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office investigated and determined that the charges originated at a auto Camarillo business. Police allege that the business owner used the customer’s identity to get money. During the investigation, police also noted that the business relocated from Camarillo to Simi Valley. Detectives sought and then received a search warrant for the business and the owner’s Canoga Park home.

Investigators arrested the man and booked him into the Ventura County Jail. The court released the man on bond, and the investigation continues. Authorities believe they may be able to locate additional victims.

Camarillo Identity Theft Attorney

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