Guilty plea for CA company in antitrust case
Guilty plea for CA company in antitrust case
The US Department of Justice continues to prosecute a wide-ranging market-allocation antitrust against a Utah firm that is accused of colluding with other companies to divide up “heir-finding” services. A Sacramento, California-based firm that allegedly colluded with firms around the nation has already pleaded guilty to antitrust violations.

Federal prosecutors in Salt Lake City have accused Kemp and Associates of colluding with other “heir-finding” firms to divide the country into non-overlapping territories. According to prosecutors, the firms conspired to set non-competitive fee schedules to provide services within their assigned territories.

Heir-finding firms work to locate individuals who may be entitled to benefit from the estates of persons who have died without having a will. There is no reason heir-finding firms cannot or should not compete with each other for the right to find potential heirs. According to prosecutors, Kemp & Associates, along with a number of other named and unnamed firms colluded with each other for a period of about 15 years between 1999 and 2014. The collusive arrangement allowed the firms to profit without the need to compete with each other.

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Market allocation is one of a number of antitrust actions that can be charged as a criminal offense. Market allocation occurs when two or more individuals or companies agree to divide territories, avoid competing with each other, and/or set non-competitive pricing. These antitrust actions violate federal law and will be prosecuted in federal court. If you’ve been arrested for a prohibited business practice, you need the assistance of an experienced antitrust attorney like Robert Helfend.

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