Fraud Report from Simi Valley Leads to $500,000 Recovery
Fraud Report from Simi Valley Leads to $500,000 Recovery
A Simi Valley man reported a wire fraud last month that led authorities to the money. According to investigators the scam involved a phishing email that tricked recipients into loading malware on their computers.

The malware allowed the thief to monitor the victim’s email to remove transaction confirmations. Scammers then send a spoofed email that appears to come from a person known to the victim. The spoofed email includes modified transaction directions that send funds to the thief instead of their intended recipient.

The victim in this case intended to purchase a small business, and cleared a transaction for nearly $360,000. The man recognized almost immediately that the transaction was fraudulent and notified authorities. Acting quickly, the authorities recovered the man’s money and additional stolen funds.

In the Simi Valley case, the scammers redirected the man’s money to an out-of-state account. Following the transfer, the thief divided the money into cashier’s checks for distribution to multiple other states. Local authorities were able to recover the stolen funds before they were redistributed. Another victim in Riverside benefited from the investigation. That victim was trying to purchase a house and wired nearly $150,000 to the scammers by mistake.

Authorities have not said whether they have made any arrests in the case. The investigation is ongoing, however.

Simi Valley Fraud Lawyer

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