Fraud Plea Closes Case on LA Clinic Operator
Fraud Plea Closes Case on LA Clinic Operator
A Bakersfield chiropractor who owned a chain of Los Angeles-area clinics pleaded guilty to healthcare fraud. The chiropractor, along with two other conspirators, operated pain clinics in Los Angeles County, Bakersfield, Fresno and Visalia.

She admitted to submitting fraudulent workers’ compensation claims and billed for work she could not legally perform. Federal prosecutors also indicted a Reseda-based chiropractor and a Marina Del Ray psychologist in the scheme. Prosecutors allege that beginning in 2005, the parties conspired to defraud workers’ compensation insurance providers in California.

In addition to submitting false claims for payment, the conspirators also paid kickbacks and bribes for patient referrals. Prosecutors also allege that the conspirators attempted to conceal claim submissions to insurance providers and diverted proceeds for personal gain.

As part of the scheme, the Reseda chiropractor established and managed a clinic, but concealed her ownership interest in it. She hired “recruiters” to locate patients for the purpose of filing fraudulent claims. She instructed clinic staff to falsely add injuries to the patient’s assessment to generate higher billings. In addition, the clinic billed the maximum allowable amount for the maximum number of treatments. The fraudulent bills all reflected the same treatments for every patient.

The Los Angeles chiropractor will return to court in September for sentencing. She faces as much as 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. The Reseda chiropractor is scheduled to go to trial in August.

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