Fraud Charges Stem From Oxnard Car Fire
Fraud Charges Stem From Oxnard Car Fire
Oxnard Police filed fraud and arson charges against two men for a 2017 car fire. According to police, the vehicle’s owner reported the car stolen. The Newbury Park man filed several insurance claims on the car, a 2015 Toyota Prius. Police found the car ablaze in an Oxnard alley a short time later. Evidence at the scene led them to suspect arson.

The owner collected about $17,000 from his insurance company for the damaged vehicle. Investigators believe that a second man, acquainted with the owner, torched the car after the owner reported it stolen.

Police arrested both men. The man who police suspect burned the car faces two counts of insurance fraud and one count of arson. The car’s owner faces one count of arson and six counts of insurance fraud. He also faces two misdemeanor charges of filing a false police report.

Both men paid a $20,000 bond and will return to court on December 19 for matters related to their cases.

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