Fraud Charges Snare SoCal Insurance Agent
Fraud Charges Snare SoCal Insurance Agent
The California Department of Insurance announced last month the fraud arrest of a former insurance agent. Investigators say that the woman, who worked out of Orange County, faces 40 counts of grand theft for fund diversion.

According to CDI agents, the woman stole nearly $200,000 by altering client checks and depositing them into her personal account. The woman allegedly diverted client funds between 2011 and 2014.

The checks represented premium payments on insurance policies. Many clients found their auto insurance policies canceled for non-payment. That resulted in registration cancellations for some policyholders. In addition, she made nearly 60 debits to one customer’s account to pay premiums that she had previously stolen. Investigators say she used cash payments from some clients to purchase money orders. She then used the money orders to pay premiums on other clients’ insurance policies to attempt to conceal her thefts.

Her state insurance license has since expired and she is not currently working in the insurance industry. Orange County is prosecuting the case, but victims came from all over Southern California.

Ventura Fraud Lawyer

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