Embezzlement Scheme Nets 2 Dozen
Embezzlement Scheme Nets 2 Dozen
Two dozen Walmart employees face embezzlement charges. The workers, employed at a Palm Desert Walmart store, worked together to defraud the company.

According to investigators, the employees used coupon codes to load gift cards with money. Then, they used the gift cards to make purchases at their own store and other stores throughout Southern California. In all, investigators identified more than 1,000 criminal transactions. Employees used the gift cards to purchase a wide range of goods, including groceries and electronics.

The company’s internal investigators tipped police to the possible scam. The investigators identified 24 suspects. Twenty-two of the conspirators were Walmart employees. The group faces theft and conspiracy charges. Investigators have also recovered some of the stolen merchandise. According to investigators, the suspicious transactions took place between September 7 and September 18, 2017. Police did not disclose the value of the merchandise in involved, except to say that it exceeded $25,000.

Ventura Embezzlement Attorney

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Embezzlement is a crime of financial opportunity. Some people believe that embezzlement only involves the theft of cash. They do not realize that the theft of goods can also be considered embezzlement.

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Photo Credit: Mike Mozart, via Flickr.com

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