Embezzlement Investigation in Ojai
Embezzlement Investigation in Ojai
A private school in Ojai is the apparent victim of embezzlement by a former employee. The school’s financial administrator noticed a number of unusual purchases on the school’s credit cards. An informal audit also revealed the extent of the irregularities.

The financial administrator questioned the former employee, who then admitted making the purchases. According to the school’s records, the amount of the purchases exceeded $25,000. The financial administrator also contacted the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office last November regarding the matter.

The woman and her attorney met several times to discuss the purchases with investigators. She accepted responsibility for nearly $20,000 in purchases, but also claimed that nearly $3,000 attributed to her spending was inaccurate. According to the woman, she made most of the personal purchases because her husband was out of work, and also because most of her salary went to pay tuition for her children. The school fired the woman last fall.

Prosecutors have charged the woman with felony grand theft by embezzlement. She entered a plea of not guilty and the court released her on her own recognizance. She will appear in court again on June 4 on matters related to the case.

Ojai Embezzlement Lawyer

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A conviction for a financial crime can have a lasting impact on your ability to work and also provide for your family. The first priority for most embezzlement victims is restitution. An excellent defense lawyer can use this to minimize or eliminate incarceration, and restore victims financially.

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