Embezzlement for insurance agent
Embezzlement for insurance agent
A former Ventura County insurance agent was arrested recently and charged with one count of grand theft by embezzlement and one count of financial elder abuse for allegedly signing up more than 20 people for insurance policies that they did not ask for or agree to pay for.

Newbury Park resident Alexander Komarenko would sell a legitimate insurance policy to a client, then later add new policies to the client’s account. The premiums were debited directly from the client’s bank account, and often amounted to several hundred dollars per month. If a clients asked about it, Komarenko would indicate that the additional deductions were “billing errors” and would cancel the policy, only to reinstate it later.

An embezzlement attorney with experience

Work-related crimes are difficult to defend against, and it’s very important to defend yourself aggressively against employment related crimes. Without an effective defense, prospective employers will always have questions about your credibility, honesty and trustworthiness. A conviction virtually ensures that you will not be able to find gainful employment in your chosen field.

In addition, a conviction could result in prison time and expensive restitution – restitution you may never be able to repay. You need the assistance of an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney like Ventura embezzlement attorney Robert Helfend. Mr. Helfend can assemble the experts you’ll need to testify on your behalf.

Mr. Helfend has provided expert felony defense in Southern California for more than more than 30 years, and takes criminal defense cases exclusively. Embezzlement can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. This can work in your favor because it allows an embezzlement attorney like Robert Helfend to work aggressively to get the charges against you dropped or reduced.

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