Embezzlement Conviction Earns Jail Time for Simi Valley Worker
Embezzlement Conviction Earns Jail Time for Simi Valley Worker
A former Simi Valley bartender will spend 210 days in jail for embezzlement . The woman’s co-worker learned that he could load and then cancel gift cards. The employer’s system erroneously left the loaded value on the card, but erased the record of the cancelled transaction.

The woman and her co-worker conspired to pocket cash transactions, and then use the erroneously loaded gift cards to pay the bill. Over a period of two years, the pair embezzled nearly $130,000 from the restaurant.

The woman received three years of supervised felony probation and must repay nearly $55,000. The co-worker, who pleaded guilty to grand theft. As part of his plea agreement, the court will drop a conspiracy charge when he returns for sentencing in January. In addition to facing three years in jail, the co-worker will be required to make restitution of nearly $75,000.

Simi Valley Embezzlement Attorney

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