Drug Possession Charges Highlight Simi Valley Arrest
Drug Possession Charges Highlight Simi Valley Arrest
Simi Valley police arrested a Burbank man on a host of charges related to drug possession. The man faces six felony counts, including two counts of sale/transportation/offer to sell controlled substance, two counts of possession for sale of a controlled substance and two counts of transportation of a controlled substance.

Following his arrest he was lodged in the Ventura County Main Jail on a $50,000 bond. According to police, they arrested the man following a two-month long investigation into his alleged heroin and methamphetamine sales.

Last week, Simi Valley police officers conducted a raid which turned up 40 grams of heroin, 30 grams of methamphetamine, and materials associated with packaging drugs for sale. In addition, officers seized more than $5,000 in cash.

Simi Valley Drug Possession Lawyer

Californians voted to decrease the penalties associated with simple drug possession, but that leniency doesn’t apply to possession for sale, large quantities of illicit drugs, and transporting controlled substances. If you’ve been arrested for something other than simple possession, a conviction could put you in prison for a long period of time. That’s why you need an experienced drug possession lawyer like Robert Helfend.

Mr. Helfend has nearly 35 years of experience in criminal defense. He fights aggressively for his clients’ rights and freedoms. More than half of currently incarcerated Californians are serving time for drug-related crimes. A skilled criminal defense attorney will work to ensure that you don’t become part of that unfortunate statistic.

Don’t work with an inexperienced criminal defense attorney and don’t work with an attorney who won’t fight aggressively for you. Choose a defense attorney with a proven track record that spans more than 3 decades.

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Photo Credit: The National Crime Agency, via Flickr.com

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