Drug possession arrest for 3 from Ventura
Drug possession arrest for 3 from Ventura
Three Ventura residents were arrested in Carpinteria and charged with residential burglary, conspiracy, possession of burglary tools, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Santa Barbara deputies responded to a report of a residential burglary, and identified a red Ford Fiesta as a vehicle of interest. A few minutes later, deputies spotted a vehicle matching that description and conducted a stop at a local gas station. Upon searching the vehicle, deputies discovered items taken from the burglarized home, as well as methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and burglary tools.

Sarah Ringler, 27, Shannon Salas, 43, and Joseph Grizzaffi, 37, were booked into the Santa Barbara jail. Ringler was held on a $50,000 bond. Salas posted bail in the amount of $50,000 and was released. Grizzaffi was denied bail because he had an outstanding warrant on another matter.

Ventura Drug possession lawyer

If you’ve been arrested for drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia or any other charge, your first response should be to hire an experienced drug possession lawyer like Robert Helfend.

The drug possession landscape in California is changing for marijuana, but all drug laws and penalties are still in effect for every other drug. Drug enforcement is still a very high priority for the State of California, and enforcement efforts are likely to be increased for illegal drugs.

The majority of Californians who are in prison today are there for drug-related offenses. Becoming part of this grim statistic is unlikely to have a positive impact on your life. Aside from spending time in prison, you’re unlikely to recover meaningfully from incarceration.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney like Robert Helfend is your best defense strategy in a drug possession case. Mr. Helfend will fight aggressively for your rights and freedoms in court. Getting charges against you reduced or dropped is a key part of a defense strategy, especially if you have previous convictions. Additional felony convictions in California can extend prison sentences, so being able to reduce or eliminate charges against you may be critical for a positive outcome.

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