Domestic Violence Charges Against Heather Locklear Dropped
Domestic Violence Charges Against Heather Locklear Dropped
Actress Heather Locklear will not face domestic violence following her arrest last month. Prosecutors had charged Locklear with four counts each of domestic assault and battery on a peace officer. She also faces one charge of resisting or obstructing a peace officer. With the domestic assault charges dropped, Locklear now must defend herself only against the battery and obstruction charges.

Police arrested Locklear at her Thousand Oaks home in February following an argument between her and her live-in companion. Police also searched Locklear’s home last week for a firearm, following threats she allegedly made during her arrest.

Locklear’s attorney requested a continuance in the arraignment, which the court had originally scheduled for March 13. Her new arraignment date on the outstanding charges is April 13.

Thousand Oaks Domestic Violence Attorney

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Domestic assault cases can be difficult on partners and families. Often, emotions run high and a trivial fight may get out of control. Once the police arrive, a private situation may quickly become a public nightmare!

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you through the court process and also put your personal life back together. Many couples and families don’t want to press criminal charges against each other. California law, however, makes specific requirements for withdrawing domestic abuse claims once a prosecutor files charges.

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