Camarillo Theft Suspect Nabbed in Oxnard
Camarillo Theft Suspect Nabbed in Oxnard
A Camarillo man faces charges for theft after allegedly stealing a car. According to police, the man and a female companion stole a 2019 Chevy Equinox equipped with an active OnStar system.

The OnStar stolen-vehicle alert notified police of the vehicle’s location information. The pair traveled from Oxnard, where they took the vehicle, to Camarillo. Police stopped the vehicle there. They arrested the occupants, both of whom have criminal histories involving stolen vehicles.

According to police, the vehicle’s owner kept a second key inside the car. Officers believe that the couple found the unlocked car and drove off with it. The man faces felony charges of driving away with a vehicle and receiving stolen property. He also faces a misdemeanor weapons charge. In addition, he has outstanding warrants for false personation and driving over 100 mph. He remains jailed on a $125,000 bond and will return to court on February 5. His female companion was released without being charged.

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