Burglary at Simi Valley Lowe's tied to Long Beach men
Burglary at Simi Valley Lowe’s tied to Long Beach men
Three Long Beach residents were arrested in connection with a burglary at a Simi Valley Lowe’s store. Clark Cooper, Raul Tapia and Nelcie Gonzalez will be arraigned on felony burglary charges in Ventura County Superior Court on January 29.

Burglary was witnessed by police

The trio were observed burglarizing the store jointly by officers from the Simi Valley Police Department and detectives from the Major Crimes Bureau of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. After leaving the store, the trio was stopped on the 118. Police searched their vehicle and found approximately $2,000 worth of merchandise that had been taken from the store. Tapia was released on a $20,000 bond, and Gonzalez was released on a $45,000 bond. Cooper is being held on a $170,000 bond and remains in jail.
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