Antitrust Prosecutions To Go Up
Antitrust Prosecutions To Go Up
The Department of Justice announced earlier this month it intention to increaseantitrust prosecutions specifically for bid rigging. In addition, the Department’s new focus will be on state and local procurement fraud.

Makan Delrahim, who leads the US DOJ Antitrust Division said that the Department will focus on contracting conspiracies. He signaled interest in contractors who may have already corrupted the bidding process on certain state and local government contracts.

Delrahim said that the DOJ has targeted a relatively low number of federal contractors for bid rigging in the past. He expects that to change within the next few months, however. He indicated that the DOJ intends to convene a task force that aims to identify fraudulent bidding. Initially the taskforce will focus on state and local bidding irregularities. He also reminded fraudsters that the government will cut the best deals for contractors who come forward early. Those informants, he said, will pay lower fines and damages. Historically, the “last man standing” in a federal conspiracy investigation faces the stiffest penalties.

Delrahim announced the plan in a speech earlier this month. The DOJ recently settled bid rigging claims against three South Korean firms that provide fuel services for the US military fleet stationed there.

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