Antitrust Plea Ends Case Against Auto Parts Supplier
Antitrust Plea Ends Case Against Auto Parts Supplier
A Japanese auto parts supplier pleaded guilty to a single count of
antitrust violations. Maruyasu Industries pleaded guilty to bid rigging in a federal case originating from Ohio.

According to federal investigators, the company rigged bids for fuel lines and also brake parts. The bid rigging involved Nissan, to which Maruyasu apologized. The company also indicated that its anticompetitive practices had ended more than a decade earlier. Additionally, the company will pay a $12M fine.

As part of the agreement, US authorities dropped criminal charges against the company’s US subsidiary and also several company executives. A Department of Justice spokesperson noted that the department’s enforcement actions have resulted in the collection of nearly $3B in fines. They have also prosecuted 46 companies and nearly 3 dozen individuals. The DOJ investigated bid rigging and price fixing among several auto parts suppliers.

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