Antitrust indictment without borders
Antitrust indictment without borders
The Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice is five-for-five in its efforts to prosecute foreign nationals for antitrust actions committed in the United States. In the most recent case, the DOJ successfully arrested and extradited an Israeli citizen in Bulgaria.

The DOJ charged the executive with defrauding the Foreign Military Financing program. He allegedly falsified bid documents to disguise evidence of bid rigging. The program provides funds to foreign governments to allow them to purchase military goods and services.

Interpol agents arrested the executive under a Red Notice, which is like an international arrest warrant. Following his return to Connecticut in October 2016, a federal judge detained the man for trial.

Last month, the defendant pled guilty to felony four counts. They include including mail fraud, wire fraud and major fraud against the US government. In addition to falsifying bid documents, the executive also falsely certified statements regarding the payment of commissions and the use of non-US content and services in the contract. The next hearing in the case will take place in June 2017.

Federal antitrust attorney

Although federal white collar prosecutions are down overall, the government never rests when it comes to prosecuting financial fraud against the government. Because federal contracting almost invariably features high-dollar contracts, prosecutors take special interest it prosecuting contract fraud. That’s why you need an experienced federal antitrust attorney like Robert Helfend if you’re facing antitrust charges.

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