Antitrust Charges Against Oakland Contractors
Antitrust Charges Against Oakland Contractors
Several Oakland area contractors pleaded not guilty last month to antitrust violations, including bid rigging on federal contracts. The two-year investigation produced guilty pleas from a State Senator and a former San Francisco School Board member. Prosecutors also won a racketeering conviction against the leader of a San Francisco street gang.

Prosecutors accuse the contractors of colluding on bids in order to direct federal contract work to a particular bidder. They also claim the contractors accepted bribes as part of the arrangement. An undercover FBI agent posed as an Atlanta “bidder” at the center of the scheme. The agent claimed he wanted to get in on federal building contracts in California. To do that, he paid local contractors bribes to induce them to submit high bids.

Authorities also charged the son of a local Oakland City Council member in the scheme. Prosecutors say he accepted payments in exchange for help on receiving federal building contract work. Seven men face federal charges as part of a second major wave of prosecutions related to the case. All seven pleaded not guilty to the antitrust charges.

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